The Motherhood Elevated Podcast

The Motherhood Elevated Podcast

Hosted by: Annette Jones

Hi! My name is Annette Jones, I am a certified Life Coach, and I help moms elevate their lives by guiding them to clarity, confidence, and their highest potential. Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

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The Comparison Trap

Episode #35

Today we're talking about the universal human tendency we have to compare ourselves with others. We discuss why we do it, how it affects us, and how we can keep ourselves from falling into this trap that can rob of us...
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When You‘re Feeling Overwhelmed

Episode #34

This week we're talking about overwhelm, and why in coaching we call this an "indulgent emotion." I'll help you learn how to figure out what your overwhelm is telling you, how to get leverage over it, and steps you...
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What Are You Afraid Of?

Episode #33

Today we're talking about how emotions like fear and anxiety can keep us from living our lives to the fullest, and why being willing to feel uncomfortable emotions is the key to confidence and "the price of admission...
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The Blessings of General Conference

Episode #32

This week I'm sharing with you some of my thoughts about how we can prepare for General Conference, get the most out of it while we listen, and why it's so important to apply what we hear and learn to our lives as we...
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Living With Integrity

Episode #31

In today's episode we're talking about personal integrity: what it is, what happens in our lives when we are out of integrity, and how to live with real integrity in our relationships with ourselves and others.
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When Life Feels Out of Control

Episode #30

This week we're talking about what to do when life feels out of your control. I share tools that will help you go from just waiting for your life to begin, to feeling motivation and find joy in the here and now!
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Gifts and Opportunities

Episode #29

Today we're talking about the meaning we give to the challenges that happen in our lives, and how that effects our experience of them. We'll explore how to see situations we might automatically label as "hard" or...
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Insights from Sports Psychology

Episode #28

This week we're diving into three of the concepts of sports psychology that top athletes use and how they can be applied to our own experience in the "game of life." I'll give you a few tips on how to overcome...
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The Skill of Self-Confidence

Episode #27

This week we are tackling the topic of self-confidence. Listen in to find out what exactly confidence is, and to hear steps you can take to develop this skill in your own life!
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The Journey to Interdependence

Episode #26

Welcome! Today we're diving back into the topic of emotional adulthood, and relating it to the process Stephen Covey presents in his book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" of moving from dependence to...
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Don't Believe Everything You Feel

Episode #25

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Well, in today's episode, we're talking about how our emotions, like our thoughts, can trick us into believing things that aren't true.  We...
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The Purpose of Life

Episode #24

In today's episode, we talk about how our views and beliefs about the purpose of our lives affect the way we respond to all of it--the good, the bad, the fun, and the challenging. I share some stories that have...
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